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"Working with Brigitte, as a breeder, has been fantastic.  She has been a great resource for me to make sure I am doing the best by my dog.  Brena is the sweetest and smartest puppy I have ever had.  She has a wonderful disposition wtih all humans and animals and makes me laugh every day with her personality."

- Suzy C. (Brena's mom)


"I had the pleasure of working with Brigitte to bring home my first poodle puppy, Anne Shirley. Anne has been an absolute joy to have in my life, and I am routinely complimented on her mellow temperament, good behavior, and of course her insanely good looks! Anne was recently spayed, where she weighed in at a healthy 34.1 pounds as a 14-month old. Brigitte, as a breeder, is wonderful to work with. She makes every effort to ensure you go home with a happy and healthy puppy! I am certain no future puppy will be as perfect as my Anne Shirley, but if you want a close second, Olympic View Poodles is the place to start!"

-Alicia P., (Anne Shirley's mom)


"July 2018 I brought home a little black fluffy-boy named Dexter. He is, without a doubt, just like his mother, Ava. Intelligent, loving, and well-behaved. At the risk of sounding cheesy, I brought home more than a poodle that day. I came home with a comedian that entertains me for hours and a protector that defends me from each and every doorbell. More importantly, I got a best friend that thinks he won the lottery when I get home from work and he always knows when I need extra cuddles."

- Chris S. (Dexter's dad)


"My family and I have known and experienced such amazing love, joy,
companionship and wonderful fulfillment from our standard poodle. We
purchased Otis from Brigitte Sager a little over a year ago. My two teenage
children and I couldn’t be happier to have such a healthy, loyal, intelligent,
obedient, and oh-so-sweet addition to the family. I loved working with
Brigitte; she was extremely helpful, thorough, informative and has a huge
heart for these animals."

-Sarah C. (Otis' mom)

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