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UPDATE: 4/24/21 Our waitlist is closed.  We are not accepting any further inquiries for puppies, as we will not have a litter in the near future.  Our current litter is spoken for.  We only breed small, red, apricot, and black standard poodles.  We do not have any miniature poodles.  If we have any adult poodles (very rare), we will post that information here.

We can make no guarantee regarding size, but expect most puppies to weight 25-40 pounds (males generally slightly larger than females).  Puppies are expected to be apricot, black, blue, and red in color.  Both parents will be fully health tested, and we could not expect more fantastic puppies with a great size, genetics, health, temperament, and beautiful!  We will NOT be removing dew claws or docking any tails. 


Puppies will be $3000-3200, depending on sex and litter color- red and apricot being higher than black.  Female higher than male due to demand.

Mother nature dictates this whole process, so we do not have any guarantees regarding when the female will go into heat, how many puppies she will have, how big they will get, how many males and females will be born, nor what color they will be.  We do know genetically what color puppies are possible when breeding two dogs, and we only breed to produce red, apricot, black, and blue small standard poodles.

We cannot make guarantees regarding sex or color, and reserve the right to first pick for our breeding program.  We will make every effort to match puppies based on preferences on a first come basis. 

Once bred, we will begin accepting a $500 non-refundable deposit to hold a puppy from those on our waitlist. The deposit will of course be refunded in the event she does not produce any or enough puppies. 

All of our puppies are AKC registered and come with limited AKC registration (no breeding) and a three year health guarantee against genetic diseases. Olympic View Poodles does not approve of, or condone the crossbreeding of Standard Poodles with other breeds.  Why would anyone want "half a poodle" when you could just have a whole poodle.  It seems obvious why everyone is crossing other dogs with poodles.  Standard Poodles are the best breed!

Puppies: Service
We took a bunch of puppy pictures today!  They're getting so big _-D
Finally done! Two red girls, two black or blue boys, and one black or blue girl! Ava is so tired!
Little red sisters _3
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